Since mid 1990, the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and regulatory agencies in the European Union have required from all companies a significant reduction of pollutants such as nitrogen oxides, hydrocarbons and particulate matter from diesel engines. These pollutants being the reason behind the smog and ozone distribution in many populated areas in the world.

IMG commitment:

We commit to reduce gradually by 2017 our environmental footprint, by following and applying the global air quality regulatory standards for non-road diesel engine powered generators.

Our teams are devoted in developing and manufacturing cleaner, quieter and more efficient diesel engines used in generator sets. Our commitment does not only stop at the production level, we also make sure to keep these standards during our after sales and maintenance processes.

We believe that a cleaner environment will not only be beneficial for the next generations but also to the world economy.


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Specialized in designing, manufacturing, repairing, and maintaining power supply solutions since 1978 in the Middle East.


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